Having a third party assess your current state often results in some near-term quick wins that you can implement yourself. An assessment may also be useful if you're building a business case for a larger piece of work.


If you're not getting the functionality that you expect out of your current systems, we can help evaluate whether upgrading or implementing new functionality within the current system will get you where you want to be, and/or evaluate replacing or adding a new module or system to your environment.


HR "engine room" functions can use some tuning and attention every once in awhile. We have extensive experience in optimization, from performance tuning databases and code to adjusting configurations to improving business processes.


Support needs change over time, and if you find yourself needing additional support for a specific project or length of time, we can help. We can also recommend changes to your existing support model, or ways that you can reduce dependencies on third parties.

Now what?

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